Filtrabox MICRO Multi-Stage Fume Extractor

Filtrabox MICRO Multi-Stage Fume Extractor

Filtrabox MICRO Multi-Stage Fume Extractor

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• Overall Dimensions: 26"H ×10"W × 17"D (66 × 25.4 × 43.2 cm) 

• Weight: 75 lb (34 kg) 

• Air Flow Rate: 128 CFM

• Quiet Performance: 55 decibels or less

• Triple Filtration Media: 3-Stage F9 PreFilter, HEPA H14, & Oxycarbon 20 lb Filter

• Power Supply: Standard AC 120V (230V available on request)

• Compatible with ALL OMTech Fiber Laser Markers - Light-Duty Cycle

• Compatible with the following OMTech CO2 Laser Engraver workbed sizes: 8" x 12" (heavy-duty cycle) 12" x 20"(light-duty cycle), 16" x 24"(light-duty cycle)

• The three-stage filtration system removes virtually all laser engraving byproducts: fumes, odors, and airborne particulates, without venting outside

• Best In Class Filters: 1. Pre-Filter (Class F9 6m2), 2. HEPA Filter (Class H14 6m2), 3. Gas Filter: Oxy-Carbon 20lbs.

• Eliminates virtually ANY smells and odors from laser operations, including acrylic, rubber, leather, and more.

• Long-term & corrosion-free performance with easily replaceable filters

• Quick-Release Filter Modules allow quick and easy access for replacement. No frustrating setup or dusty cabinets to deal with.

• Low-cost replacement filters have a 6-month life cycle but vary depending on daily use.

• 1-Year warranty from Filtrabox on all parts excluding filtration medias

• All OMTech CO2 lasers are designed with exhaust systems that vent to the outside environment. However, venting outdoors is not always an option due to confined spaces, exhaust exit proximity, local health regulations, or other limitations. The FILTRABOX MICRO provides a class-leading and affordable indoor laser exhaust solution.

• You can now operate your OMTech laser engraver in a windowless room and avoid cutting an exhaust exit in your wall. The FILTRABOX × OMTech Multi-Stage Fume Extraction System utilizes best-in-class filters to remove 99.9% of airborne particulates from your laser engraving exhaust. The Filtrabox system was researched, designed, developed, and constructed in North America.

• The MIRCO is specially engineered for 40W to 55W OMTech CO2 laser engravers, plus our complete range of Fiber Laser Markers. 

• This product will be shipped to you directly from Filtrabox within 2 weeks. Please contact Filtrabox ( for your order and tracking info.