OMTech Beginner's Guide

Buying a laser engraving machine used to be out of reach for most people. Not only were laser machines very expensive, but they were too large to fit in home workshops. New technology has brought the cost of laser engravers down substantially, making it possible for smaller businesses and beginners to start laser engraving. If you’ve never used a laser engraver before, you probably have many questions about how to start laser engraving. 
The OMTech Beginner’s Guide to Laser Engraving will give you a thorough introduction to the world of laser engraving and laser cutting machines. We’ll point you towards many other helpful resources so you can feel confident about starting your laser journey.
In this laser engraving guide for beginners, we will:
-Teach you how laser engraving works
- Educate you on the best laser engraver for beginners
- Show you how to start laser engraving
- Explain how to start your laser engraving business
What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving machines produce a tiny laser beam that superheats acute areas of the surface being engraved. The beam melts or vaporizes the top layers of the surface to leave a permanent mark. The color of the laser engravings or marks left behind depends on the material, but it usually appears in greyscale.

Because laser engraving only heats the area touched by the laser, very precise images can be engraved into almost any hard surface without fear of the image becoming blurry or losing detail.

Laser engraver application
How Laser Engravers Work

Computer-generated controllers give laser engraver operators complete control of the image being produced without worrying about their own ability to keep their hands steady during the process. Whether you want to laser cut, engrave or mark, simply upload the image to be produced, set the parameters, and let the computer guide the laser to create exactly what you were looking for. Artists and designers can harness various graphics software to create incredible 3D works of art, home decor, business signage, personalized items, and just about any custom keepsake you can imagine. Even a laser engraver for beginners can create incredible illustrations.

What can I do with a laser engraver?

You can explore endless creative possibilities with a laser engraver. From laser cut home decor to wedding cake toppers to automotive tools, you can create new products from scratch or customize existing goods with anything you can imagine. The only limit is your creativity. Here are a few things you can make with a laser engraver for beginners:

Laser engraved jewelry, laser engraved phone cases, laser cut cake toppers, business signage, name tags, laser cut puzzles, architectural models, laser engraved photos, mugs & tumblers, stamps & seals, wooden American flags, engraved knives, leather wallets, hanging ornaments, and more.

What is the best laser engraver for beginners?

desktop co2 laser engraver cutting machine
Desktop CO2 Beginner Laser Cutter

Our desktop laser cutters are generally considered the most affordable and best laser engraver for beginners who have no prior experience. The OMTech 40W desktop laser engraver is known for its ease of accessibility, versatility and portability. It laser engraves flawless details and cuts up to 1/8” thick plywood and acrylic. Designed to fit right on your desktop, these machines are a favorite creative tool of home hobbyists, artists, and small businesses.

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Mid Range CO2 laser engraver cutter machine
Mid-Range Laser Engraver

The easiest laser engraver to use is an OMTech Mid-Range Laser Engraver. These beginner laser cutters range from 50W to 80W laser power, and they allow you to use LightBurn laser software, which has made learning how to laser engrave much easier for countless new users. With LightBurn, beginner laser engravers can easily learn to import design files, arrange them for laser engraving, and achieve incredible results.

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high power co2 laser engraving machine
High Power Laser Engraver

When you need next-level laser capacity, step up to our High-Power CO2 Laser Engravers. These laser machines can also run LightBurn, and they are known for potent laser beams with heavy-duty cutting ability and professional precision. Ranging from 100W to 150W, these laser machines can engrave deeper and can cut through 10 mm to 15 mm (2/5" to 3/5") thick plywood and acrylic. With such a vast array of creative opportunities, you will never feel limited on what you can do with.

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Fiber Laser Engraver Marker
Fiber Laser Markers

The answer to your metalwork needs is here! Our Fiber Laser Marking Machines make stunning designs on metals and hard plastics. Equipped with a Galvo Drive and variable lenses, metalworking masters can depend on this machine to provide accurate and effective etchings on all of your metallic materials. Our Fiber Lasers Marking Machine is ready to engrave your dreams into reality. Get ready to laser engrave into a variety of metals with ease.

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Are Laser Engravers Worth It?

If you’re shopping for a new laser engraver, you probably realize how hard it is to find an excellent quality laser machine at a good price. Not all laser engravers are worth the money, because most laser engraver companies add huge markups that make them unaffordable for crafters and small businesses. 

That’s where OMTech Laser is different.

OMTech works closely with manufacturers to ensure cost-efficiency, and they pass savings onto the consumer without the markups of other brands. Whether you’re looking for the best laser engraver for beginners, or you need a professional-size machine with serious laser power, OMTech will give you a quality machine at a fair price. So, laser engravers are definitely worth it — just make sure you invest in the right brand.

Is laser engraving profitable?

The laser engraving business is certainly profitable, and it can be quite lucrative. It only takes a small investment to start a laser engraving business, and the demand for laser engraving services keeps growing every year.

If you’re creative and you have some marketing skills, you can easily create laser engraved goods from your home workspace and sell them on websites like eBay, Etsy, or even Facebook Marketplace. Many small laser engraving businesses simply add personalization to existing products, like engraving names and logos on tumblers or mugs. To secure repeat customers and bulk orders, you’ll want to market your service to other businesses. You could engrave logos for a local retail shop, or make plaques and awards for corporate clients.

What do I need to know before buying a laser engraver?

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to buy a beginner laser cutter for your DIY laser projects, or you’re a professional crafter looking to level up your business, you probably have a few questions. Here are four key factors to consider before you buy a laser engraver for beginners:

1) Material Type — which materials will I work with?
2) Laser Power/Wattage — how deep do I need to laser cut/engrave?
3) Overall Machine Dimensions — can I fit the machine in my workspace?
4) Your Budget — how much can I spend?

For a complete laser engraver buying guide, please watch:
The Ultimate Laser Engraver Buying Guide


Here are five reasons why getting started with laser engraving is easy:

1) You get 1 free Virtual Tech Support session with an OMTech Laser Specialist to help you setup your new laser machine.
2) OMTech’s YouTube Channel will walk you through each step in the beginner learning process.
3) OMTech’s Resource Hub is filled with instructional articles written by real OMTech users and laser engraver professionals.
4) You can download and laser engrave free .SVG project files from OMTech’s DIY Craft Kit library.
5) With LightBurn laser software, you can easily learn to upload, prep, and engrave existing logos and designs.

How can I purchase my machine?

Website Purchase

Once you’ve selected the best laser engraver for you, we’ll help ensure a smooth and secure checkout process. We offer a wide selection of payment options such as Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and more. By purchasing from our website, you gain perks like free shipping, a free Virtual Technical Support session, and 100% US-based customer support. All standard orders are fulfilled within 72 hours, and will be shipped to you in 7 to 14 business days.

Find the best laser machine

Use one of OMTech’s financing partners to buy a laser engraver and make monthly payments using your new business income. Many OMTech users claim that their laser machine “paid for itself” in only months! With affordable payments, fast approval decisions, and the best competitive rates, we’re ready to help you get your laser engraving journey started without putting a strain on your wallet. Check out why and how you can finance the best laser engraver for beginners with OMTech.

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Why OMTech?

Whether you’re looking for the best laser engraver for beginners, or you need a professional-size machine with serious laser power, OMTech Laser will give you a quality machine at a fair price. We offer:

- Industry low prices, FREE shipping, & financing options
- 100% US-based customer service & technical support
- Virtual Tech Support available (video call)
- 2-Year Warranty on our quality-assured laser machines
- Thriving online user community on Facebook
- Helpful how-to blogs on our Resource Hub
- OMTech YouTube channel with instructional videos

Join the community!

Our community is our driving force, and we are proud to be part of your laser engraving journey. Join thousands of OMTech users in our growing Facebook Group. The OMTech Community is built by thousands of DIY laser engravers and hard-working small businesses with a single goal in mind... to explore endless possibilities with their OMTech laser machines! From laser machine help and advice to DIY project inspiration, this group is the perfect place to learn how to start laser engraving. No matter your experience, skill level or business endeavor, there's surely a place for you.

Resource Hub

At OMTech, we believe there’s always more to learn. Whether you’re a beginner laser cutter or an expert laser engraver, we offer resources to help you along your laser journey. Explore our collection of training videos, instructional blogs, and other useful content in our website’s Resource Hub. Also, check out our Download’s Center for the latest version of your laser machine’s manual, software, and more. Our goal is to help you learn how to laser engrave, so you can create CO2 laser masterpieces beyond your wildest dreams. Let us inspire you on your laser engraving journey.

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Virtual Tech Support

Whether you’re a laser industry veteran or you just acquired your first beginner laser engraver, you probably have a few questions about your new laser machine. While our Facebook Group and resource hub are excellent places to start, sometimes you might need a little extra help. Schedule a session with an OMTech technician and get expert answers to all of your questions. We use Zoom for live video to help our Technical Support Team view your machine in real-time and solve your problem faster, wherever you may be. Let us help you get your laser engraving journey back on track!

OMTech vs competitors

We understand that purchasing a laser engraver is definitely an investment. To put users at ease, we conducted thorough and careful research to determine the best laser engravers for small businesses. We narrowed our list down to three, but only one will give you the fastest return on investment (ROI). Our top three comparison includes the likes of OMTech Laser, Glowforge, and Boss Laser cutter machines.