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OMTech: The Best Glowforge Alternative

OMTech offers responsive US customer service support with real people working on the machines daily. Our specialists walk you through the setup process, giving you a headstart on your laser engraving journey.

Is OMTech Better than Glowforge

Glowforge offers compact laser engraving machines that function well and are easy to use for beginners. They’ve become one of the most sought-after low-power laser machines for hobbyist crafters because their cloud-based app removed much of the guesswork from the engraving process.

Their biggest downsides are an excessive price tag and limited capability, which lead many engravers to search for the best Glowforge alternative. OMTech engraving machines are not only comparable to Glowforge laser printers — they offer superior laser power, thicker cutting ability, deeper engravings, greater convenience, and a higher value. After reading many Glowforge reviews and hearing great testimonials from former users who switched to OMTech, we decided to put both machines side by side for an in-depth comparison.

“Since we got our OMTech, our Glowforge has been sitting under a desk and hasn’t been touched. We love our OMTech.” —Doug Allen

Tired of waiting months for a laser engraver that costs 3 times more than it should? Introducing the 55W Mid-Range CO2 Laser Engraver by OMTech — with extra room to cut and engrave, pass-through doors for oversized projects, and rotary axis compatibility — it’s beaming with possibilities.

Glowforge vs OMTech Feature Comparison

OMTech 55W 16"x24"Glowforge Pro 45W 18"x20"
Price $2,500
Additional Upgrades - as of 03/09/2022 - USD
LightBurn ~$120
Camera ~$80
Rotary Devices ~$150-$300
5200 Water Chiller ~$510

Total with upgrades: $3360
(Saving $3630)

Additional Upgrades - as of 03/09/2022 - USD
Glowforge Air Filter ~$995

Total with upgrades: $6990

Customer Support Nationwide customer support.
45min Virtual Tech Support available!
No post-sales support.
No number to contact.
Warranty 2 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Engraving Area 384 sq in 360 sq in
Cutting Area 345 sq in 214 sq in
Depth (Z) 10” 2”
Engraving Speeds 23.62 in./s (600mm/s) Maximum 7.8 - 9.8 in./s (200 - 250mm/s) Maximum
Cutting Speeds 15 in./s (400mm/s) Maximum 0.2 - 0.4 in./s (5mm/s-10mm/s) Maximum
Max Cutting Thickness 0.63” 0.25"
Laser Head System Retractable laser head, giving you more control over Z height adjustment Stationary
Software Compatible with LightBurn for Mac/Windows
USB Cable Connector (No internet required)
Glowforge App (Internet Required)
Laser Tube System 55W 45W
Image Resolution 2540 dpi 1355 dpi
Pass through No upgrade necessary.
Accommodate materials up to 1.8" thick and 24"' wide
Accommodates materials up to 0.25" thick
Workbed Honeycomb bed and Knife bed available Honeycomb style bed
Rotary Capability 4-Pin Connection Type for rotary attachments No connection for Rotary device
Safety Comes with auto-shutdown sensor and Water sensor Has safety sensors
Make the Switch

Is Glowforge Worth It?

If you’re a professional laser engraver or if you’re thinking about starting an engraving business, finding the right laser engraving machine is a critical choice. While starting a business with a Glowforge machine is possible, a quick comparison shows that choosing OMTech offers numerous advantages.

OMTech Versus Glowforge Pros and Cons

1. Initial Savings

When you make the initial investment in a machine, you want to save money without sacrificing professional capabilities. By choosing OMTech, you will recoup your investment much faster thanks to over $4000 in savings. Plus, you will maximize your professional capability, which will expand your list of services and enable you to take on almost any job!

2. Advanced Capability

Does your client need a detailed logo engraved on 50 tumblers? If you go with Glowforge, you won’t be able to meet this demand because your machine is not compatible with rotary axis attachments. Maybe your client needs customized plaque lettering on 1” thick wood? Glowforge cannot complete this project because the wood won’t fit inside the machine’s pass-through doors. By choosing Glowforge, you would severely limit your services because the machine is not capable of handling a wide variety of projects. You’ll miss out on job opportunities that could have been easily executed with an OMTech machine.

3. Professional Speeds

OMTech machines offer thicker cutting abilities and faster cutting speeds than Glowforge, which will save your business precious time when rushing to fill orders. The other problem with Glowforge machines is that they rely on an online app to provide power and speed settings. Users have reported the app crashing, running extremely slow, and even becoming non-functional. You can’t run a Glowforge machine without this app, so if your WiFi is down, you can’t work at all. Keep in mind that your entire engraving operation will depend on the app running smoothly.

OMTech, on the other hand, operates with an intuitive Ruida digital controller that allows the complete user freedom to set power and speed settings and run projects at your convenience—no internet connection required. If you want to keep pace with the demands of laser engraving customization, you’ll need a machine capable of running at professional speeds.

Is Glowforge Worth the Money?

A quick analysis of OMTech and Glowforge pros and cons shows that Glowforge is not worth the money for professional purposes. OMTech laser engravers offer a complete range of professional capabilities that immediately take your engraving to the next level. Plus, it all comes with a significant discount. These are just a few reasons why choosing OMTech for your business needs will serve you in the long run. If you’re looking to start a laser engraving business, OMTech offers the best home laser cutter to meet professional demands.

Receive Free 30min Virtual Installation Walkthrough

Getting started is easy! Each laser machine includes access to our Virtual Support Tech Line with OMTech Specialists. We’re here to help throughout your engraving journey, all the way from initial machine setup to replacing parts down the road. We’ve helped thousands of engravers across the OMTech nation engrave their dreams into reality. Making your first laser engraving has never been easier!

Ofrecemos Soporte Técnico en Español

¡Empezar es fácil! Cada máquina láser incluye acceso a nuestra línea técnica de soporte virtual con especialistas de OMTech. Estamos aquí para ayudar a lo largo de su viaje de grabado, desde la configuración inicial de la máquina hasta el reemplazo de piezas en la carretera. Hemos ayudado a miles de grabadores de toda la nación OMTech a grabar sus sueños en realidad. ¡Hacer tu primer grabado láser nunca ha sido tan fácil!

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Customer Testimonials

Amanda's Story

Gabriel's Story

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“I have been super impressed with how well it works.Its like the manufacturers took out all of the stuff that is expensive and doesn't add a ton of value and put it where it really matters. The electronics are solidly built, wires are ferruled and routed very nicely. The controller is very user friendly compared to other lasers that I've used like trotec and epilog.”
- Scott H.
- Diana D.
“The price is good and has better power than a glowforge. The computer software it comes with is also easy to use. I've used it on rock, wood, acrylic, cardboard, fabric and more! I have no complaints about the function of the machine at all.”

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