About Us

We garnered over 10 years of experience in the laser engraving industry before launching OMTech in 2020. This new stand-alone brand has quickly become a trusted name in the laser engraving community. What started as an interest in foreign lasers has evolved into a thriving business searching for our customers’ next best innovation. At OMTech, our passion for laser machines and the engraver community we serve is our source of pride.

Whether you’re a professional engraver or an inspired DIYer, we understand your need for pin-point precision with a pleasing price tag. Our machines come equipped for every need — from desktop engravers to fiber markers and even 100W for small businesses.

We pride ourselves on bringing quality machines to our warehouses throughout the United States and following up with excellent U.S based customer service. We build each OMTech laser engraver to combine intuitive function with advanced capability - so you can make magical impressions at the push of a button. In addition, our machines are beginning to go through our QA Process to ensure optimal quality and testing. If you keep the creativity coming, we’ll continue bending the boundaries of engraving possibilities.