Serving the laser engraving industry

We garnered over ten years of experience in the laser engraving industry before launching OMTech out of Anaheim, California. We saw significant demand for US-based customer service and technical support, so we recruited skilled laser technicians and 30-year industry veterans to solve customer problems efficiently and effectively. This new stand-alone brand has quickly grown into the largest online seller of laser engravers. Our mission: to make quality laser machines accessible to all.

The OMTech community was born

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Our exciting startup quickly grew into a trusted small company. We developed an exclusive factory partnership to continuously implement product improvements and advance quality assurance. Hobbyists, small businesses, and schools nationwide have come together in online forums and social media groups to build a network of engravers that share knowledge and solve problems together. As the community grows, OMTech users like you prove that professionally capable machines don’t have to come with a high price tag.

Finding success with OMTech

OMTech users have started flourishing businesses and found great success with our machines and technical assistance. What started as an interest in foreign lasers has evolved into a thriving company enabling the innovation and advancement of numerous small businesses. We love seeing the magical creations our customers are cooking up across the country, and we’re expanding into foreign markets to take OMTech across the globe.

Moving forward as one

We’re still striving to serve artists and makers building businesses out of backyard sheds and garage workshops.We’re working on exciting innovations to keep OMTech users on the cutting edge of laser craftbecause we understand that our growth is inseparable from your success.By making quality engraving machines accessible to all, we empower artisans and creatives to unleash limitless laserworks. OMTech — Beaming with Possibilities


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