Mushroom Themed Tiered Tray - SVG File

Mushroom Themed Tiered Tray - SVG File

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If you think mushrooms are so mush fun, you'll love this mushroom-themed tiered tray set! This set is perfect for those outdoorsy individuals who love mushroom hunting or just simply enjoy nature at its core.

This fun DIY display tray set features a total of 7 unique designs that you can use for your tiered tray! You can size the designs and elements as you see fit.

Whereas, the copyright of the design showcases is reserved by the seller, then the buyer can only use the image to print your work and further to sell the tangible article, but can not transmit or spread the image of the design showcases on any other commercial purposes.

Please Note: This is a digital download and NOT a physical product. The following is compatible with LightBurn.

Skill level: Advanced

Materials Needed:

  • 1 sheet of 12" x 20" 5/32 Maple
  • 1 sheet of 12" x 20" 5/32 Maple (painted white and masked)

Supplies Needed:

  • Acrylic paint and/or paint pens.
  • Paper towel/cleaning cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Super glue
  • Twine/ribbon
  • Tape and/or glue gun
  • Tiered tray
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • The proper PPE if you choose to spray paint.
  • Full face respirator and/or half mask respirator with non-vented goggles. You also need the correct cartridges for fumes.

Project time:

  • Cut & Engrave Time: 35 minutes
  • Painting: 60 minutes (dry time depends on the paint used).
  • Assembly: 30 minutes

Machine Settings:

  • Engrave: 180 speed, 23 power
  • Cut: 14 speed, 40 power

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Mushroom Themed Tiered Tray - SVG File

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