Laser with LightBurn Full Course - Provided by partner, Engraver's Choice

Laser with LightBurn Full Course - Provided by partner, Engraver's Choice

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LightBurn is the future of laser engraving! Bold statement, but true!  The program serves as your main graphics suite and works with all Windows and Apple-based graphics programs. In addition, LightBurn works effortlessly with CorelDRAW and EngraveLab. The program serves as the first graphical interface built from the ground up to run a laser, and laser only. The sections covered include Pre-Install, Install, Laser Operations, PC interfaces & Macros, Troubleshooting, Material settings, and All Features & Commands. The package will also include assignments and reviews to keep you on track. In addition, we offer beginner-level information on Corel and EngraveLab. This has been a successful and result-driven technique taught for over 30 years! This service is a stand-alone package, but can be bundled with a PC-2PC Session or Onsite Training.

What this course covers:

  • Pre-Install
  • Install 
  • Laser Operations
  • PC interfaces & Macros 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Material settings
  • All Features & Commands of the Interface

Bonus Package Features:

  • In-depth Hands-on videos to explain the in’s and outs of your laser’s hardware 
  • Single Command videos on each Pull-Menu choice
  • 90-days Phone-Support
  • Project Jobs to put what you have learned to use. 
  • Clipart and Job Templates. 
  • Introductory lessons to Corel and EngraveLab! 

 Please note: This can be a stand-alone package or be used in concert with PC-2PC sessions or On-Site training.  The combination of Lightburn and a Graphical Suite Video package has shown great success for all levels of engraving users.

*All Training & Installation sales are final if not canceled on the same day of purchase.

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Table of Contents (PDF):