MF2028-100 - 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine with 20” x 28” Working Area

MF2028-100 - 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine with 20” x 28” Working Area

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• Download the Manual

• Download the RDworks software

• NOTE: Does not include LightBurn Software

• Replacement: Laser TubePower SupplyMirrorsLens

• 19.5” x 27.5” (500 x 700 mm) engraving/cutting area

• 47” x 34” x 37” (119 x 86 x 91cm) overall dimensions (Length= 67" when include tube protector) 

• Net Weight 330.7 lbs (150 kg)

• Tackle large-scale projects with ease

• The detachable base allows you to transport the machine through smaller door frames.

• Recommended engraving speed: 100 - 500mm/s

• Recommended cutting speed: 1 - 30mm/s (actual speed depends on material)

• 18mm Focal lens diameter

• 2" Focal length

• 25mm Mirror diameter

• Resolution up to 2540 dpi

• 10” Standard Z-depth (Workspace height with honeycomb bed installed and laser head half retracted)

• 11” Max Z-depth (Workspace height with honeycomb bed removed, knife bed in use, and laser head fully retracted upwards)

• The Ruida control board works seamlessly with RDWorks for Windows PC (included) and LightBurn (not included)

• RDWorks (included) and LightBurn (not included) are compatible with Windows 7, 8,10 (64/32 bit), XP, 2000, and Vista.

• The Ruida controller is compatible with macOS (Version 10.11 and higher) ONLY if you use LightBurn software (not included)

• Photo-ready to convert images from HPLG, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, DXF, DST, AI formats, and more into .RD files for laser processing. 

• 4-Pin Port connection for rotary axis devices

• The integrated power supply features increased response speed, performance, and cutting power - it’s beaming with possibilities!

• A secondary LCD display panel monitors the electric current and auto-judges fault, reducing potential damage to the laser tube and power supply.

• Cut up to 10 mm (⅖″) thick acrylic/plexiglass

• Uses standard 110V AC power connection

• 100W CO2 laser tube with an estimated lifetime of up to 8,000 operation hours depending on power setting usage and water cooling performance

• PLEASE NOTE: Frequent use of high laser power settings will shorten the laser tube lifetime as follows:

• Low Power 10–40% = 7,000–8,000 Hours

• Moderate Power 40–70% = 5,000–6,500 Hours

• High Power 70–100% = 3,000–4,000 Hours


• HIGH LASER POWER: This laser engraving and cutting machine comes with a 100W CO2 laser tube to cut through thicker materials and engrave your designs faster, deeper, and clearer.

• RUIDA DIGITAL CONTROLLER: The intuitive control panel with digital display allows adjustment of laser head positions and power dimensions, as well as document viewing and final image edits.

• USB & ETHERNET PORTS: 2 USB ports allow flash drive connectivity and a USB-to-USB PC connection. Plus, the ethernet connection is compatible with PCs.

• LINEAR RAIL GUIDING SYSTEM: Equipped with X and Y stepper motors for efficient power transmission between the guide rails with high precision and long service life. 

• VIEWING WINDOW: A transparent acrylic glass viewing window allows observation throughout the laser engraving process. Plus, it’s equipped with a sepia tint to protect your eyes from indirect laser beam exposure.

• RED DOT GUIDANCE: A red dot pointer mounted on the laser head quickly indicates engraving points, marks the machine’s path, and identifies positioning sizes, allowing an effortless project setup process.

• ADJUSTABLE LASER NOZZLE: The laser nozzle can extend downwards up to 1.75” or be fully retracted, allowing more control over different focal distance setups.

• AIR ASSIST: A pre-installed air compressor guides a pressurized air stream through the laser head nozzle to displace debris, heat, and combustible gases from the engraving surface and laser beam path, keeping your workbed cleaner and engravings more precise.

• TWO-WAY PASS-THROUGH: There’s always extra room! Equipped with29"W x 3.75"H front and rear pass-through doors to accommodate materials larger than the table size.

• BUILT-IN VENTILATION: A pre-installed vent fan expels smoke and fumes to create a safer workspace and extend the service life of your machine.

• WATER COOLING SYSTEM: Pre-installed hoses along with the included water pump allow for a fast and easy setup. Only use with distilled water, ensuring it stays between 60–70°F (16–21°C).

• WATER FLOW SENSOR: A pressure flow sensor monitors water flow throughout the laser engraving process and prevents the laser from firing if water stops circulating through the laser tube. 

• AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN: The auto-shutdown safety feature stops the machine when opening the transparent window cover. Once closed, press the “Enter” button to continue operation.

• 1 x Laser Engraver Machine

• 1 x Water Pump

• 1 x Ethernet to Ethernet Cable

• 1 x Grounding Wire

• 1 x Venting Exhaust Duct (4 ft. max. length)

• 2 x Water Hoses

• 1 x USB Type-A to Type-A Cable

• 1 x USB Drive with Software

• 1 x Stainless Steel Clamp

• 10 x Allen Wrenches

• 1 x Double-sided Tape

• 1 x Power Cord

• 1 x Accessory Bag

• 2 x Keys

• 1 x Instruction Manual

• 2-year warranty on machine parts and hardware (exclusions apply);

• 1-year warranty on laser tubes and power supplies of 70W and up;

• 6-month warranty on laser tubes and power supplies 40W—60W.

• FDA Compliant

• CE Certification

• ISO9001 Quality Certification

• One 45-minute Virtual Tech Support appointment with OMTech Specialists in Anaheim, California

Laser Cutting:

• Acrylic

• *Wood

• Leather

• Plastics

• Fabrics


• Cardboard

• Paper

• Corian

• Foam

• Fiberglass

• Rubber


• Acrylic

• Wood 

• Leather

• Plastics

• Fabrics

• Glass

• Rubber

• Cork

• Brick

• Granite

• Marble

• Tile

• River Rock

• Bone

• Melamine

• Phenolic

• *Aluminum

• *Stainless Steel

• *Titanium

*Cannot cut hardwoods like mahogany

*CO2 lasers only mark bare metals when anodized or treated.

Contact us with questions on specific materials not listed, we can process a sample for confirmation.

Some PVC-based acrylics can create toxic fumes when lasered.


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