CO2 Antifreeze Laser Coolant Non-Conductive Liquid for Laser Engraver Water Chiller

CO2 Antifreeze Laser Coolant Non-Conductive Liquid for Laser Engraver Water Chiller

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  • CO2 LASER COOLANT: OMTech's 1.1 gallon CO2 laser antifreeze coolant protects your laser tube from freezing or bursting, withstanding temperatures down to -31F, it quickly removes excess heat to keep your engravers functional 
  • ALL-AROUND PROTECTION: This safe and clean ethylene glycol based coolant and heat transfer fluid with corrosion inhibitors resists freezing, overheating, and erosion to provide long-lasting laser life span and efficient cooling
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Our liquid cooler boasts ultimate versatility, compatible with all OMTech CO2 laser machine water chillers and cooling tanks
  • LONGER LASER LIFE: Use this blue water cooling liquid for CO2 laser tubes to reduce oxidation and dust, allowing it to extend your laser tube’s lifespan and assure your engraver's stable operation
  • LOW CONDUCTIVITY: Our laser protective coolant boasts an ultra low conductivity level of 10µS/cm to prolong your laser cutter's service life without decreasing its output power
  • READY-TO-USE SOLUTION: This prediluted laser water coolant offers immediate use; simply clean the water cooling system with distilled or deionized water and add the coolant to your water tank or chiller
  • SUPERIOR SERVICE & SUPPORT: Order OMTech's self-developed laser coolant today to strengthen your CO2 tube and enjoy quick US based shipping and prolonged warranty for your laser machines 


Get your CO2 laser ready for the cold winter with OMTech's laser antifreeze coolant! Our self-developed 1 gallon heat transfer fluid is composed of ethylene glycol, deionized water, and corrosion inhibitors to give your CO2 laser all-around protection against freezing, overheating, and corrosion for long lasting performance. A perfect match for all of OMTech's water chillers, this safe and clean laser antifreeze efficiently removes excess heat for stable laser engraving to keep your laser tube from freezing in temperatures as low as -31°F, and continuously boasts extra low conductivity for stable laser engraving without reducing the output power. Prediluted for your immediate use, our universally compatible antifreeze coolant is a match for all CO2 lasers, from laser engravers to laser cutters and hybrid lasers.

For best results, replace OMTech laser coolant every 3 months or any time you notice dust or debris in the line.

NOTE that mixing this fluid with other coolants may lead to unwanted chemical reactions. Similarly, using automotive antifreezes in your laser will deteriorate its output power and lifespan because of their higher viscosity and pH levels.


  • Composition: Ethylene Glycol, Deionized Water, Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Fluid Color: Blue
  • pH Value: 7.3-8.3
  • Freezing Point: -31°F (-35°C)
  • Boiling Point: 226.4°F (108°C)
  • Conductivity: 10±5 µS/cm
  • Volume: 4 qt. (3.78 L, 1 gal.)
  • Net Weight: 8.82 lb. (4 kg)


What is included 

  • 1 x CO2 Laser Coolant