DF0812-40BN - K40+ - 40W CO2 Desktop Laser Engraver Machine with 8"x 12" Working Area, Compatible with LightBurn, LCD Display, and Red Dot Pointer (Blue)

DF0812-40BN - K40+ - 40W CO2 Desktop Laser Engraver Machine with 8"x 12" Working Area, Compatible with LightBurn, LCD Display, and Red Dot Pointer (Blue)

Product ID: USB-0302-U1

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OMTech's 40W desktop unit is compatible with Lightburn and Laser GRBL software, enabling intricate design creation and workflow optimization. The K40+ laser cutter and engraver can engrave materials like wood, glass, acrylic, and leather up to a depth of 1/8" (3mm) at speeds up to 13.8 ips (350 mm/s). It features an 8"x12" (200x300 mm) flat workbed for regular-shaped objects and an additional workbed with a clamping design and rotary axis compatibility for curved surface engraving. With a laser head extension of 1.2" (3 cm) and a detachable base, it allows convenient handling of larger items.

1x 40W CO2 Laser Engraver

4x Wheels

16x Screws

1x Water Pump

1x Exhaust Pipe

1x USB Flash Drive

1x Dongle

1x Power Cord

1x USB Cable

1x Pipe Clamp

1x Tube of Silicone Insulation

1x Ceramic Resistor

1x Roll of Dimming Paper

1x User Manual


Lightburn compatible

Our K40 machine is compatible with engraving software like Lightburn and Laser GRBL, providing precise control over process

Rotary Axis Compatible

Either workbed can be easily removed so you can install your own rotary axis and easily engrave on cylindrical or irregularly shaped objects

Dual Workbeds

Our desktop laser engraver comes with 2 platforms, one flat for handling regularly shaped objects, one with clamping design for curved surfaces.

efficient tube

Our 40W CO2 laser tube offers a powerful laser beam with high efficiency to engrave or cut through a variety of materials

Digital Ammeter

The digital display shows the current being provided to the laser tube in mA to use LightBurn software, turn the knob fully clockwise

Air assist & Exhaust fan

The built-in air assist and exhaust fan blow away debris and smoke to make sure your design is aways crisp and clear

  • Laser Output


  • Overall Dimensions

    32” x 20” x 10”

  • Net Weight

    53.8 lb.

  • Engraving Area

     8” x 12”

  • Max. Engraving Speed

    350 mm/s

  • Max. Engraving Depth

    3 mm

  • Max. Cutting Speed

    50 mm/s

  • Positioning Accuracy

    ±0.2 mm

  • Laser Tube Length

    720 mm

  • Laser Tube Diameter

    50 mm

  • Water Pump Power


  • Motherboard Model

    K40 Nano

  • Compatible Software

    LightBurn, LaserGRBL

  • Certification

    CE, FDA

  • Warranty

    2-Year Warranty


  • Tiffany

    Beautiful items and good quality, shipping is fast, customer service is great

  • Troy

    The machine arrived in excellent condition. OMTECH shipped all items quickly. There was a delay in receiving the laser, but that was on the freight company not OMTech. Thanks for the great service!


  • Dave C.

    Product arrived very well packaged with no damage. Followed the included instructions and it worked perfectly out of the box.

  • Anonymous

    First Cut/Engrave/Etch was working within 10 min's of setup. I do wish they would have added a pair of glasses in the kit. But, there isn't a problem not having them.


  • Jack W.

    So far, I'm loving this thing. At first I was a little intimidated by the instructions, but once I found that the hard part had already been done, it was just a matter of hooking it all up for operation. My only complaint is with the cheap, plastic fasteners you're supposed to use to hook up the water lines. Do yourself a favor and get some nice brass fittings. It will look much better and fit better as well. I had to play with some settings to get the photo where I wanted it, but once I read the booklet instructions, I was able to play with some additional settings after getting a good baseline. Still have much to learn in the way of cutting, but this is a great product!


  • Anonymous

    I am overly excited! This machine came in a well packed crate, no damaged at all. I did have to align mirrors which is a must from what I read. This well made machine has already produced plenty projects.


  • Eddie P.

    This laser arrived almost a week earlier than expected. That was great! It takes way longer to remove it from the crate and onto a suitable stand than it does to get it up and running. So far I am very happy with it and have been using it via its LAN connection. It promptly interfaces with its included RDWorks software and with the license of Lightburn software that I purchased. I recommend using Lightburn software. So far so good with this machine. I’m happy with this purchase.


  • Thomas S.

    Package came sooner than expected. This a heavy item but uncrating it two of us was able to lift it off of my pickup truck. Everything was well packed in the crate. I was able to connect everything up and start engraving/cutting right away. I did have some extras from the last engraver that I used. Everything worked right out of the box with minor adjustments.


  • Sharon

    I have had my machine for just under a year now and am very happy with it. It's definitely a learning curve if you are new to laser engraving/cutting but just do your research and join a few FB groups for support. I highly recommend upgrading the air assist on this machine and adding a 5200 water chiller.


  • Rock

    Came in perfect condition and had no problems setting it up. You will need to figure out a ventilation setup, and a better solution for air chiller. Overall happy with this purchase and glad I choose this one over the more expensive machines.


  • David B.

    For the money, you can't beat this laser. OMT was very responsive to my emails. Surprisingly good quality. I have been using this laser for a variety of projects, and it has performed flawlessly.


  • Marion F.

    This laser has been in use about 1 1/2 months. Worked flawlessly out of the crate and continues to do so. I cannot say how pleased I am with my purchase.


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