OMTech Light B10 10W Diode Laser Desktop Engraver Cutting Machine

OMTech Light B10 10W Diode Laser Desktop Engraver Cutting Machine

OMTech Light B10 10W Diode Laser Desktop Engraver Cutting Machine

Product ID: DEM-0404-US

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Introducing the OMTech Light B10 Diode Laser Engraver, a machine with remarkable versatility and affordability. With its powerful 10W laser, this machine can effortlessly cut through 8mm plywood and 5mm black opaque acrylic in just a single pass. Its compact design and portability make the Light 10 Diode cutter ideal for at-home users and hobbyists. With a 400mm x 400mm work area and an open configuration pass-through, this small laser machine can accommodate small to large-sized projects with ease.

1 × 10W Diode Laser Module with Protective Shield
1 × Air Assist
1 × Frame with Flame Sensor
1 × X-Axis Gantry
8 × Support Legs
1 × Focusing Tool
1 × USB Control Cord
1 × OD5 Laser Glasses
1 × USB Control Cord
1 × Cable Tie Set
1 × Hex Wrench Set
1 × User Manual
2 × Access Keys
1 × MicroSD Card & Reader with LaserGRBL & Trial LightBurn Software
1 × Practice Materials Set with Wood Leather & Metal Laser Blanks

Light B10
Rated Power
10 W
Working Area
400×400 mm
450±5 nm (Blue)
Spot Size
0.07×0.07 mm
Max Speed
250 mm/sec. (15000 mm/min.)
Max Workpiece Height
2 in. (2 in. height increase with 8 support legs add-on)
Machine Material
Aluminum Alloy, Steel
25.8 × 25 × 7.9 in. (65.5×63.5×20 cm)
Heating Function
0-45 °C
Est. Service Life
15,000 hr.
Net Weight
18.1 lb. (8.2 kg)
Data Transmission
USB Cable, MicroSD Card
Bundled Software
LaserGRBL, LightBurn (Trial ed.)
Compatible Systems
Windows XP and Win 7 8 10 11, MacOS, Linux
Single Passthrough Cutting Thickness (Plywood)
8 mm
Single Passthrough Cutting Thickness (Black Acrylic)
5 mm
What is the engraving speed?
The maximum engraving speed for the Diode Laser machine is 250 mm/s or 15,000 mm/min.
How large is the infrared laser spot when engraving?
The infrared laser spot size is 0.07 x 0.07 mm, allowing pin-point engraving precision and accuracy.
What kind of materials does our 10w Laser Engraver&Cutter cut and/or engrave?
The Diode Laser can be used on various materials, including wood, cork, paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, cloth, leather, and stone. It can also be used on some specially coated metal materials.
What is the maximum working area of our laser engraving machine?
The Diode machine is equipped with a 400 x 400 mm working area; you can also work on larger items by sliding them through under the sides of the machine frame.
What software is compatible with our engraving machine for versatile usage?
Our machine has built-in LaserGRBL software, allowing you to operate it conveniently from a computer for free. Moreover, the Diode laser is compatible with Lightburn software, providing you with a seamless experience for your laser engraving needs.
Why choose OMTech but not other brand?
Our products come equipped with a built-in air assist function, which helps dissipate excess heat during operation, resulting in better engraving performance. OMTech also offers US-based lifetime customer support and a comprehensive 2-year warranty on all laser machines. With a large community of users, including active Facebook forums and machine demo rooms spread across America, you are not just buying a laser engraver; you're joining a thriving community with users who inspire each other and solve problems together.